Never Give Up

I’ve been truly blessed to be a working voice over talent for well over 15 years now. This line of work has brought me so many wonderful opportunities in life. It has truly allowed me to live a life I truly love and to even travel during the winter months with my portable recording equipment. One of the main reasons that I think I’ve been able to work so long in this business boils to one word: persistence. I’ve never given up. I’ve always carried on since the day I started in Los Angeles. This line of work has had low points: I’ve auditioned countless times, I’ve endured slow periods, I’ve been replaced on long term eLearning projects…but I’m still here. Working away, on a full time basis. After each one of my disappointments, I still do every audition that comes my way.  I do most of my auditions thinking that I’m really quite perfect for almost every job. Unfortunately…I’m only right about 10% of the time or less. If that’s not disappointing, I don’t know what is.

Voice over is a branch of show business. And in show business, there is something to be said for sticking it out. I’ve been making a good living doing VO but it is only in the past 6 years that I made it finally to the six figures. I was lucky to have started in the entertainment city and the availability of sophisticated studios likely helped me learn and stick to it. There’s an eternal optimist in me that always thinks a cool job is right around the corner.

My advice to those wanting to make a career in voice is to stick with it, never give up, and be persistent – you will find your voice and your niche. Yes, I am good at what I do. But more than that, it’s being good and being persistent.

Micheline Coté          Female Voice Talent         French Canadian Female Voice


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